Racing Rivals cheats – It was never easier beating your opponents

July 24, 2017


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A few months ago I quitted playing Racing Rivals as I got bored to get beaten by players that invested a lot money into the game to be able to win. Now I wanted to give the game another try but exactly the same happened. Then I decided to loom for a free way to receive the resources that I need so badly. For all of you that do not understand why I do not play for them is that I do not have enough time to farm all the needed resources as this would take months. So I finally have found another solution for all your problems. It is the first ever online version of the Racing Rivals cheats tool. Since years people are looking for a working version of this as the most of them were not working at all.

racing rivals cheats

How does the Racing Rivals hack work?

This is quite complicated so I try to explain it as easy as possible. So at first the generator is trying to connect to your game account by using a security loophole. If your Username and Device entries are correct there should be no problems. Then the tool will search for the Database entry of the resources and customize them to the values you have selected earlier. Before the Racing Rivals hack tool will disconnect it cleans up all injection traces. This will make the developers unable to say where that resources came from.

Important Informations

If you find the hack with a grey overlay and is not clickable, then it is in the maintenance mode and will be available as soon the team is finished with the work. Usually this will not take more than one to two hours but if it was a big update things can take up to a maximum of like two days. They always got other security issues that can be used to make the Racing Rivals cheats work again. After a update they will have to check if they are still open before the hack gets reactivated.

Another important information is that this Racing Rivals cheats tool is completely free to use and will never cost you any money. To not leave anyone unhappy they ensured to add compatibility for every device. When the first mobile hacks were created you could only use them from PC. The next step was to create apps that were able to get access also. Now we are at the point that a website is able to crack into a games server and modify the resource values within minutes. By now there is no better option for you available than using the Racing Rivals online cheats.

racing rivals hack

Is it worth the risk?

Using the latest version of the Racing Rivals hack is definitely worth the risk and the little effort you have to invest. I mean even if you catch the worst case and end upsetting your account banned, than you can just create a new one and will have all the cars back with a single usage of the hack. It allows you to generate huge amounts of resources that you will probably never be able to spend. So you can purchase and tune every car you’d like to have without having the problem to run out of resources.

Idle Heroes cheats – Info’s that are needed to use it

July 20, 2017


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Idle Heroes is a funny RPG that offers it’s players a lot of things to do such as a story mode where you have to train and level your heroes to make it to the end. Furthermore the game offers you much more as a arena where you can fight for your rank using your best heroes. Guild Wars, Battleground galore, Heroic quests and mysterious towers are other features will make you have fun over a long time as you got a lot of things to explore. All of you who want to control the speed with that you go through the game by yourself we got a tool called Idle Heroes cheats. This tool will remove all borders and everything that held you back from making the progress you want.

Since the huge success of Clash of Clans more and more free games are running their game on a pay to win basis. Idle Heroes does this also but gives you the chance to make progress while not even have to play the game that is what makes the difference between the games businesses. You will still need a lot of time to play through Idle Heroes even if you train your Heroes all the time while you are not playing.

Since the early 2016 we experienced a huge rise in online generators, finally a compatible version got released for Idle Heroes. The online version is much better than the Idle Heroes hack apk which is not available now since the release of the online version. All players can now generate resources like Gems and Gold without having to pay anything. The time that you need to invest is also just a few minutes until the resources arrive on your account.

idle heroes

Usually you have to complete levels to either drop artifacts, stones or different equipment or become able to purchase the trough the store. These things can be really expensive, especially the equipment can cost a lot in the end of the game. In the best case you always purchase a complete tier of equipment. To get the needed resources either use the Idle Heroes cheats tool or use the casino to get them.

You should not use the Casino to get 5 or 6 Star monsters as this is a terrible way to get them. If there is a good event running at the moment which gives you a good offer to play at the Casino you can try this also. For the case that you did not already use the Idle Heroes online cheats then you should only try to earn resources with the Casino. It may be to expensive for you to have enough tries to collect the items of all slots available if you do not use the hack to fill up your stock of resources.

In the end you can say that the Idle Heroes hack has been made to your enjoyment. Especially the online version does change the game to your benefit without having a real risk to lose your account. Right now is the best moment to begin with using the Idle Heroes cheats as they are continuously releasing new updates. You can really trust the team behind it as they always did a good job until now and we think this will remain like this for quite a while.

idle heroes cheats

At last we wanted to give you a little help to make use of the hack so we did a short instructions on how we proceeded.

First of all you have to visit the Idle Heroes online cheat here: After the page has loaded enter your username or email address. You will also have to select what device you are using to let the hack connect successfully. After the connection has been established you can select what amounts of Gold and Gems you want to have added. At last hit the start button and wait for the online hack to finish. After the progress bar reached 100% your resources will already have arrived.